BEWARE. The scammers are at it again. They are sending out emails proposing to be Father Jerry asking for you to respond as he needs a favor. Father Jerry would never solicit in this manner.

Food Pantry

Article on St. Paul of Tarsus Food Pantry

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For more information contact Darlene Seifert our  Pantry Coordinator at (586) 228-1094

or email: 


2019 Pantry Closing Dates

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Pantry Resources

Pantry Hours:

M ondays & Thursdays 10 am - 12 pm

Wednesdays 10 am - 1:45 pm

 Bring: Drivers License for everyone in the home 18+ AND a piece of US mail with current address * 17 and under we need a birth certificate or medical card.  We service Clinton Township, Macomb, and Fraser. Family’s can visit one time per calendar month. We are a walk-in pantry and do not schedule appts so come in when we are open. 

Pantry Report: 

  • In July the Pantry served 79 faimlies consisting of 181 individuals.
  • 45 volunteers put in 269 hours during the 6 days the Pantry was open.

2018 Year Pantry Statistics: 

  • Total Families Served: 1,442 Consisting of: 3,149 Individuals.
  • Volunteers per Month: 55 Total Volunteer Hours: 5,804 Days Open in 2018: 132