Dear Friends, If you receive an email from “Rev. Jerry Slowinski” email, PLEASE IGNORE IT. It is NOT from Fr. Jerry. This email asks you to purchase gift cards, then email the code on the gift card to the gmail address. Again this is NOT a request from Fr. Jerry. Parish employees are forbidden to solicit gifts, donations, etc. in this manner. Please feel free to share this information with your groups, commissions and committees. Our Pantry will be closed: July 23rd-August 2nd.


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For more information contact DarleneSeifert our  Pantry Coordinator at (586) 228-1094

or email: 


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Pantry Report: 

  • In June the Pantry served 91 family’s consisting of 193 individuals. 
  • 52 volunteers put in 422 hours during the 8 days the  Pantry was open.

2017 Year Pantry Statistics: 

  • Total Families Served: 1,905 Consisting of: 4,125 Individuals.
  • Volunteers per Month: 54 Total Volunteer Hours: 9,923 Days Open in 2017: 135