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Health Ministry

The mission of parish nursing is to integrate the practice of faith with the practice of nursing within the parish environment. Parish nurses encourage the faithful to care for themselves and others as an expression of God's love.

The ministry of healing within the Church has been established through hospitals and extended-care facilities. In these facilities physical and emotional care is provided, but attention is also paid to the spiritual health of the patients.

Parish Nursing in the Archdiocese of Detroit began in the late 1980s. Within a few years the practice had taken hold in other parishes throughout southeast Michigan. Today, there are numerous parishes with Parish Nurse ministry programs, which are directly supported by the major hospitals and health systems in the archdiocese.

The ultimate goal of the Parish Nurses here at St. Paul of Tarsus is to empower members of the parish to live fully abundant and healthy lives as God intended. You do not have to be a health professional. If you feel called to minister to your fellow parishioners physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, please consider joining us. 



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