The Food Pantry will be open during Construction. They will be open during their normal business hours!



Rev. Jerry Slowinski

586-228-1210 Ext. 111

Permanent Deacon-Christian Service Coordinator

Rev. Mr. Marc Rybinski

586-228-1210 Ext. 113

Business Manager 

Monica Thimm (Starting Monday April 29, 2019)

586-228-1210 Ext. 116

Director of Religious Education

Peggy Declercq

586-228-6651 Ext. 4

Religious Education Secretaries

Carol Hackstock

586-228-6651 Ext. 5

Kathy Andrzejewski

586-228-6651 Ext. 2

Youth Minister

Erika Domsic

586-228-1210 Ext. 118


Parish Secretary

Amy O'Gara

586-228-1210 Ext. 101                     

Parish Bookeeper


586-228-1210 Ext. 124


Music Ministry/Worship Coordinator

Phyllis Bengry

586-228-1210 Ext. 122

Food Pantry

Darlene Seifert




Jim and Donna Furman

586-228-1210 Ext. 121






We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form